Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Responsibilities and Authorities

The CPI Aero Procurement Dept. has the responsibility and authority to contract for raw material, parts, processing, logistics, subcontract needs, shop and office suppliers, and services in a manner consistent with the needs of CPI Aero.

The responsibilities and authorities include determination of source of supplies, commitments, negotiation of purchases and delivery schedules. These decisions are made in consultation with Quality and Program Management to ensure product and services are of the correct quality, quantity and price, and are provided from the appropriate source of supply.

Supplier Relations

CPI Aero itself does not manufacture detail parts so we value our supplier base. It is vital to our success to develop a strong supplier base. We treat all suppliers fairly and impartially while seeking to develop long term relationships that benefit both the buying and selling organization.

In addition to competitive bidding, the supplier evaluation and selection process shall consider supplier ability, quality, delivery performance, capacity, financial status, location, integrity and other factors as may be appropriate.

Supplier Quality

All suppliers providing raw materials, subcontracting, or processing services used in the manufacture of the finished product provided to CPI Aero customers are required to maintain a quality system based on AS 9100 or other customer recognized equivalent.

OEM granted approvals may also be required. All suppliers evaluated by CPI Aero for inclusion to the Approved Supplier List are required to adequately complete and sign a Supplier Quality System Questionnaire. Suppliers added to our “Approved Supplier List” are subjected to continuous monitoring for quality performance and must maintain minimum quality performance standards to retain approval status.

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR)

The SQAR document is the Supplier’s guide to understanding CPI Aero’s quality requirements and expectations. The SQAR forms a part of CPI Aero’s purchase order unless otherwise specified.

Boeing Quality Clauses (BQC)

All Boeing A-10 Program Suppliers: CPI QUALITY CODE “BQC” (QMF 08B Revision D dated 6/10/2015) is applicable if called out on your CPI Aero Purchase Order (Job 2216).

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