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Lean Manufacturing

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CPI Aero is committed to Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. We are transforming our business by re-designing both our manufacturing and business processes to eliminate waste and improve efficiency. This commitment to excellence and continuous improvement allows us to provide quality products and superior value to our customers, as well as continued growth to our investors. It is a key component to our success in our core Aerospace and Defense markets.


Our leadership team has been instrumental in driving our Lean culture transformation and an appetite for change in every area of our facility. We are developing key metrics to help us to monitor the health of our business and manufacturing processes on a daily basis. These tools, as well as many others, are an integral part of our new “visual factory” that allows managers, supervisors and employees to quickly see the status of our operations and to react to challenges quickly and efficiently.


Notable achievements include a company-wide 5S competition that has resulted in an average increase in cleanliness, organization and safety of over 30%. In addition, we have begun using Kanban inventory replenishment techniques to make sure that our highly skilled labor force has the material it needs when they need it.


At CPI Aero our “Lean Journey” is well under way and already yielding very big returns for our business. We are committed to undertaking process improvements which not only increase our productivity and efficiency but make sure that everything that we do has a positive impact on our bottom line. We strongly believe that our efforts will give us a valuable competitive edge in our core markets and will be the key to long term success and prosperity for our organization.


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